We inspire people over fifty to give forward with their time, money, and voice so that younger and future generations can thrive.

SAGE motivates action and volunteerism through grassroots conversations and leadership development, so that older adults engage in and support causes and nonprofit programs that are vital to the needs of children, youth, and future generations. Our supporters are guided by generational equity – the principle that each generation should improve the quality of life for the next.

SAGE has three goals and associated programs to achieve its mission.

  1. Raise awareness about challenges facing the future, and solutions
  2. Advance leadership and innovation
  3. Connect people to resources and service opportunities

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The Meaning of Our Emblem

SAGE was formed to honor the wisdom in the Greek Proverb shown on the right side of this page. The tree in our emblem is the tree in the Greek Proverb. SAGE’s tree has seven branches for the seven coming generations to consider in our decision-making. Each of those branches represents a child reaching upward to their full potential. The tree is surrounded by a circle, representing the Earth and the horizon of our own lives and the promise of continuity between generations.

“A society grows great when its elders plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

Greek Proverb

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