SAGE Teams involve groups of people and partners who work together to achieve a common goal consistent with our three priority areas in education, the environment and economic opportunity. Each SAGE team has different people and partners involved, and they are all facilitated by SAGE to advance an important community initiative.

We currently facilitate teams in these arenas:

  • Citizen Project addresses political polarization by bringing people together across differences to solve problems.
  • Vision 2030 educates students about Portland's 2030 climate goals, solutions, and workforce opportunities.
  • SAGE Mentors provide free and reliable online mentoring to Parkrose Middle School students who are developing proficiency in English.
  • EVs for All offers education, outreach, electric vehicle charging stations and vehicles to increase awareness and use of electric vehicles.
  • Young Leaders Advisory Board (LAB) engages young leaders to serve as an intergenerational bridge to advance solutions to our shared future.

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