About Us

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What we do

SAGE raises awareness about the major social, environmental, and economic challenges that younger and future generations face, and engages older adults as leaders to address those challenges. We are guided by the principle of generational equity – that each generation should sustain or improve the quality of life for the next.

For more information, please read our Mission, Goals, and Programs, learn how to Get Involved, and visit our Generational Equity Resource Center.

For a quick summary of our work, see our SAGE Flyer (PDF file), and our annual reports:

You can also review our financial filings with the U.S. Tresury:

How we operate

SAGE was founded in 2011 as an Oregon nonprofit corporation. We are a charitable organization with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, and funded through tax deductible contributions. SAGE is led by a team of volunteer board members and an executive director. We are also supported by wonderful volunteers. Our office is located in Portland, Oregon at 1515 SW Fifth Avenue, Suite 600.

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