SAGE Citizen Project to Bridge Divides

We are concerned about trends in America that show we are growing increasingly divided and angry toward each other. Through our Citizen Project, we build bridges between people who hold different views in an effort to make it easier for people to talk with one another, understand each other’s priorities, and to identify enduring solutions for our communities.

SAGE offers five different events to bridge divides. Each conversation has its own energy and pace, and the format can be adapted to your needs and interests. Our goal is that guests feel comfortable sharing their views in a respectful and supportive atmosphere. These events are led by SAGE facilitators and the duration can range from 1 to 2 hours. Due to the ongoing health crisis, all events are currently offered online.

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Examples of educational offerings

Are you concerned that we are becoming more isolated from and distrustful of people who hold different political views? 

In this gathering, you share your personal concerns about divisions in America and options to address them. The conversation is not meant to change hearts and minds, but to help you connect with others on a personal level and to briefly discuss what might be done.

What can one person do to bridge divides?

In this gathering, you share your own ideas, insights, and actions to bridge divides, and SAGE shares ideas too. We also highlight the work of many organizations in Oregon that bridge divides and opportunities to get involved. The conversation is intended to help you clarify or affirm action(s) that you can take to bridge divides.

What would we have to give up to get the political system we want?

Every American is affected by the divisions and outrage that prevent us from making progress on urgent problems. We are finding it harder and harder to even talk with one another, and it is damaging in many ways. In this forum, we rely on the NIFI Guide, A House Divided, to help participants discuss how we should approach this challenge.

What are our shared values? How can we listen to understand?

There’s plenty in the news about what divides us, but let’s talk about what unites us. Turns out, that despite the rancor and toxic talk on the news, many of us share common values and beliefs that unite us in service of the greater good. In this conversation, we discuss common values as a foundation for working across divides. We also practice listening to each other so we can better understand our concerns and how each of us intends to make a difference. 

Civics 101. Want to be more involved in politics but not sure where to start?

In this training, you learn the basic elements of our local political system, hear from elected officials, and learn how to advocate for issues of concern. This training involves a 4-part series and can take a few months to schedule given that it involves guest speakers.

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