SAGE offers private and customized discussions and workshops that complement our one-to-one support and community events.

Explore our offerings below, and contact us to learn more or to host SAGE at your venue. We are flexible, and have led events in homes, businesses, community centers, residential communities, schools and places of worship. We also welcome inquiries to tailor an event for your audience.

“SAGE staff and volunteers are passionate, articulate and intriguing. When you are looking to highlight civic engagement in your business or nonprofit, call SAGE first.”

Ann Adrian, Manager at Adult Community Center

Stewardship Conversations

Informal get-togethers to spark a meaningful discussion about our community’s future, while sharing drinks, dessert or a meal.

These conversations can be hosted by anyone and almost anywhere, such as your living room, community center or business. Guests share their concerns for younger and future generations, and explore solutions.

Each event has its own energy and pace, and the format can be adapted to your interests. Our only expectation is that guests feel comfortable sharing their personal stories and views in a cordial and supportive atmosphere.

These events are facilitated by SAGE or our trained volunteers. The format can be adapted for a 1.5 to 2-hour program. Materials provided.


Civic Engagement Workshop

Learn about the personal rewards and health benefits of civic engagement, affirm the causes you care about, and create an action plan to engage.

This workshop includes short presentations and several interactive activities and discussions. Participants create their own personal action plan for civic engagement, and have an opportunity to share with the group. SAGE also highlights meaningful service roles with over 21 nonprofit partners that advance educational, environmental and economic security causes.

This workshop is facilitated by SAGE. The format can be adapted for a 1.5 to 2-hour program. Materials provided.

Giving Forward Workshop

We all want to make a difference and leave the world better than we found it. What role can we personally play to create a better future?

At this workshop, we explore five strategies for making a positive difference in the world, with emphasis on bringing life to your personal mission. We also discuss the role that older adults play in strengthening our communities, and improving opportunity for coming generations.

This workshop is facilitated by SAGE. The format can be adapted for a 3 to 5-hour program. Materials provided.

Grassroots Organizing Workshop

Whether advocating for school funding or action on climate change, grassroots activists know how to effectively organize and engage others to bring about real social change.

At this workshop, we cover how to be an effective grassroots advocate and share strategies to develop campaign messages, build support, and how to align your work with other movements.

The workshop is facilitated by SAGE and the Oregon Environmental Council. The format can be adapted for a 1.5 to 2 hour program. Materials provided.

Navigating Retirement Workshop

Clarify and affirm your priorities, and learn how retirees leverage their time and talent to pursue paid and unpaid opportunities in retirement.

Thinking about retirement? We may have 10, 20, or 30 years to reimagine how we want to go down this road. At this workshop, we share new opportunities for entrepreneurship, paid and service opportunities. Participants have time for self-reflection, and reevaluating priorities as they navigate their retirement journey.

The workshop is facilitated by SAGE and Life by Design NW. The program lasts 2 hours. Workshop fee is $350, which covers costs for up to 20 participants. Materials provided.

Outdoor and Short-term volunteering Workshop

Are you thinking about getting outside? Are you looking for a short-term opportunity to just get your feet wet?

This workshop provides an overview of fun and short-term volunteer opportunities, both outside and inside. Whether you want to be at the beach, on the river, in the mountains or a local park, we highlight exciting opportunities with our nonprofit partners. We also share easy, done-in-a-day roles.

The workshop is facilitated by SAGE and Hands On Greater Portland. The format can be adapted for a 1.5 to 2 hour program. Materials provided.

Ethical Wills Workshop

Practice writing techniques to convey the values and principles that guide you, and that you want to share with future generations.

In this 4-session workshop, you gain confidence in your ability to write about the things that are important to you. It doesn’t matter if you have never considered yourself a “writer”; the activities we’ll do are simple –– and lots of fun! You will not be required to share aloud what you have written. The course concludes with a discussion about how you can continue to share your values with others in meaningful, productive ways.

The workshop is facilitated by Jeanette Leardi, a professional writer. The program last for 4, 2-hour sessions. The workshop fee is $150 per person with a minimum of 8 participants. Materials provided.

Mentoring Workshop

Many children and young adults benefit from the care and support of a mentor. For the mentors themselves, the experience can be one of life’s most rewarding roles.

This workshop provides an overview and discussion about a range of mentoring opportunities in Oregon, including meaningful roles with nonprofit organizations that teach children to read, help middle schoolers succeed in school, and advise young adults on college, finance, and careers. We also share strategies to overcome barriers to mentoring, and stories about the mentoring experiences.

The workshop is facilitated by SAGE. The format can be adapted for a 1.5 to 2 hour program. Materials provided.

Leadership Roundtables

SAGE convenes Leadership Roundtables to address complex challenges facing younger and future generations.

To date, we have offered roundtables on poverty alleviation, intercultural volunteering, climate change, and citizenship in times of crisis. Guests exchange ideas, debate options and find consensus on personal and collective actions to make a difference.]

Contact us to discuss opportunities to partner with SAGE on a roundtable. We can work with you to develop an agenda, co-facilitate the event, and manage logistics and invitations. Roundtables last 2 to 4 hours.

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