Welcome students!

Join us online on Wednesday, April 28 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Learn about climate careers in our
region to build a brighter future!

Learn about our region’s Climate Action Plan and careers where people develop solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in buildings, transportation, and more.

Meet inspirational speakers who will share their climate-related careers and hands-on learning activities to lead your own climate solution at home or in your neighborhood. 

Find out about internships, community service projects, and continuing education in high school to get more involved and to help achieve our 2030 climate goals. 

This event is offered in partnership with Vision 2030, a collaborative initiative facilitated by the nonprofit organization SAGE. Special thanks to our partners and event promoters! 


Harmonee Dashiell

Jamie Repasky

Reilly Loveland

Jan Osborn

Speaker 1: Harmonee Dashiell

Harmonee Dashiell is the Community Engagement Strategist with the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. She will join us as our emcee and keynote speaker and highlight the five major types of climate solutions in Portland’s Climate Action Plan.

She’ll also help students learn more about how the city partners with students, teachers and others to bring forward climate solutions together.

Click to learn more about Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. 

Speaker 2: Jamie Repasky

Dr. Jamie Repasky is a School-based Youth Education Coordinator at Metro who creates inclusive learning experiences for students across our region. She encourages youth to speak up about environmental problems in their community and challenges them to work together to come up with solutions.

She will present about her career as a climate educator, the huge range of jobs that focus on education and outreach, and she will engage students in an exciting, hands-on eco-action process to track and reduce waste.

Click to learn more about Metro and Dr. Jamie.

Speaker 3: Reilly Loveland


Reilly Loveland is a Project Manager at New Building Institute where she builds and retrofits zero net energy schools and also teaches students and others how to operate schools for sustainability.

She will present about the range of jobs associated with green building in materials, renewable power, energy efficiency, green spaces, and more.

She will also engage students in a fun, hands-on activity to track how energy is used and conserved in homes, schools and other buildings.

Click to learn more about Reilly and New Building Institute.

Speaker 4: Jan Osborn

Jan Osborn is the Director of the Career & Technical Education programs at Portland Public Schools.

At PPS, her team highlights a wide variety of disciplines that allow students to experience hands-on learning and acquire skills that are transferable to many future career pathways.

As our closing speaker, she will spotlight education opportunities for students to pursue a climate career and the role that high school counselors play to help incoming students explore different job paths.