Vision 2030

Vision 2030 is a team of teachers, volunteers and nonprofit and governmental organizations who support a local, place-based approach to educate middle and high school students about Portland’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 50 percent from 1990 levels by 2030.

Our team offers the Keystone Lesson on Climate Solutions and we promote related lessons taught by partners. Outside of the class, we promote student-centered climate solutions projects, and we help organize fairs so students can learn about different climate career paths. Our teamwork is organized by SAGE.

Click for a summary of our teamwork for the 2021-2022 school year.

Team Members & Sponsors

Offerings for Teachers, Students, Clubs

Want to learn about local climate solutions?

Participate in the Keystone Lesson on Climate Solutions, an opportunity for students to experience a free, interactive, and online presentation about our region’s Climate Action Plan and goals for 2030

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This is an open-source lesson, so you should feel comfortable adapting this lesson and slides 

Want a project to implement a climate solution?

Choose from several hands-on projects offered for students at school and in community

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Project list is being updated (check back here in the future)

Curious about which climate career is right for you?

Take our Climate Careers Quiz and learn about jobs in green building, renewable power, transportation, materials recovery, food and agriculture and community affairs

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Want to partner on a career fair for students?

Our team has supported fairs in English and Spanish, and for both middle and high school students

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Click to learn about 2021 Climate Careers in Action Fair

Click to learn about 2020 Climate Careers Summit

Click to learn about 2020 Constructing the Future

Want to get more involved in this important work?

Join our Vision 2030 Team

We meet twice a year on Zoom (March and October) to network and to accomplish more together. Team members support the development of:

-Keystone Lesson on Climate Solutions

-Fairs to introduce groups of students to climate solutions and climate career paths

-More lessons and student project opportunities

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Sponsor our Vision 2030 Team

We are excited to partner with you in support of climate solutions education in our region

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Volunteer for Vision 2030 

We offer many opportunities such as serving on our core team or as a climate educator

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