EVs for All Webinars and Test Drives

SAGE is excited to raise awareness of EVs and the benefits these cars offer. Starting fall of 2020, we offer FREE webinars and help you arrange to test drive an EV near you. We plan to offer in-person workshops and larger Ride-n-Drive events when health conditions permit.

Experience a Test-Drive

Who buys a car without taking it for a test drive? Deciding on your next vehicle relies heavily on the driving experience. The biggest barrier to EV purchases is the lack of awareness of their features and driving experience. People just don’t know how much fun EVs are to drive.

That is why SAGE plans to partner with EV associations and dealers to make it easy for you to test drive a range of EVs. After you attend one of our webinars, we’ll connect you to opportunities to take an EV for a spin, to experience the enjoyment of driving, and the instant power and smoothest ride possible. You will get the chance to drive different models and learn about the technology firsthand. Come out and learn firsthand why EVs are the right choice for your next vehicle. Stay tuned for more details.

Upcoming Events

SAGE is currently developing its EV 101 webinar. We plan to offer our first webinar in the fall of 2020. Check back with us for more details.

Want to host a webinar?

If you are excited to host an EV 101 webinar, contact us to learn more.


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“I was worried about the cost of getting a PHEV, but the federal tax deduction and the Oregon state rebate reduced the price by $8,000, so it actually cost a bit less than a conventional SUV.”

Bob Sack

SAGE EV Ambassador