Media Kit for The Future of Our Oceans

Featuring 2019 Visiting SAGE Dr. Sylvia Earle & The Oceans Expo

Sunday, May 19, Oceans Expo at 2:30 pm; Main event at 4 pm

Location: PSU Viking Pavilion, Portland

Thank you for helping us promote our May 19 Visiting SAGE event featuring Dr. Sylvia Earle. SAGE and the Oregon Coast Aquarium are excited to share this event with you.  

As a Promotional Sponsor, you can use the text and images in the links on this webpage to promote the event. If you need anything else, email Steve Higgs at SAGE ([email protected]) or call 971-717-6570. 

Suggested Communications for Promotional Sponsors

1. Share the Future of Our Oceans Facebook Event Page when you become a promotional sponsor:

2. Send one dedicated message or email by May 2 to your newsletter or e-newsletter to promote the May 19 Visiting SAGE event.

3. Post to your social media account 2-4 times in the month leading up to the May 19 event to invite your community to join you at the event.

4. Allow event marketing materials (postcards and flyers) to be distributed at your locations and/or events. These materials are available at no cost.

5. Share news of the event through word-of-mouth and other ways you communicate.