Young Leaders Advisory Board (LAB)

Working Across Generations to Build a Brighter Future

SAGE’s Young Leaders Advisory Board (LAB) serves as a multigenerational bridgLAB and SAGE Leaders Working Togethere to advance solutions to our shared future. We engage leaders in their late teens, twenties, and thirties.

The LAB advances its mission through three goals:

  1. To help identify and prioritize the challenges facing our shared future
  2. To confront these challenges through multigenerational action
  3. To create an enduring culture of activism and civic service in our communities

LAB Leaders typically meet once a month. We are currently not meeting regularly because we are helping SAGE on its next strategic plan. We are currently not accepting new applications to join the LAB.

Read more about the LAB below.

LAB Frequently Asked Questions

We serve as a multigenerational bridge and advance our mission by:

  1. Identifying and prioritizing challenges facing our shared future;
  2. Confronting challenges through multigenerational action; and
  3. Creating an enduring culture of activism and civic duty in young and older adults, and inspiring people to volunteer in our communities.

Together with other LAB Leaders, you will prioritize challenges facing younger and future generations, and identify specific projects or solutions that could be advanced through multigenerational action. You will advise SAGE on our existing initiatives and can also launch something new.

For more information, review the LAB Leader Volunteer Summary and the High School Leader Volunteer Summary.

Participants receive a leadership opportunity to engage others in service and advocacy roles benefiting younger and future generations, and a path to action on causes important to them. Specifically:

  • Leadership Training: SAGE offers leadership training to LAB Leaders by engaging them in decision-making processes, and developing their leadership skills.
  • Activism: SAGE helps LAB Leaders clarify and affirm some of the ways that they can address the causes most important to them by working with SAGE.
  • Advocacy: SAGE community members may be more excited to volunteer/advocate alongside a LAB Leader because both parties would know one another through SAGE.
  • Mentorship: SAGE community members may be able to mentor a LAB Leader, offering real life experience in activism and soft skill development.

LAB Leaders pursue multigenerational solutions to challenges faced by coming generations. They connect with new people through SAGE and its partners. By working with SAGE, LAB Leaders can also develop their leadership skills and advance their education and career.

What is my commitment?

  • Serve 5 to 10 hours per month on the LAB.
  • Major activities include meeting preparation and participation and making progress on your personal goals.
  • Participate fully and constructively in discussions, and encourage others to do the same. Depending on your interests and availability, you are also encouraged to serve on a LAB or SAGE Committee or Work Group.
  • Promote SAGE and the LAB, and foster a positive working relationship between peers and our broader community.
  • We seek Leaders who can serve for at least 18 months, however we realize life can be unpredictable and will work with you if you have some constraints.

Everything we do has an impact.

Contact a SAGE Connector and learn how to get involved.