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Neighbors: The Power of the People Next Door

Neighbors: The Power of the People Next Door


    June 23, 2021


    12:00pm - 1:00pm





SAGE hosted Dr. Brenda Krause Eheart, leading authority on how intentional neighboring can help us build community across generations and heal from the pandemic.

Human connection is one of our greatest gifts – and one of the elements social and health scientists have linked to our resilience as individuals and communities.

During this event, Eheart spotlighted how intentional neighboring can help us rediscover and revitalize relationships and renew struggling communities to address challenges in housing, care-giving, healthcare and more. In communities based on the intentional neighboring model, individuals and families of different ages, vulnerabilities and strengths live in small, intentional neighborhoods of mutual support. Drawing on decades of experience and insights recounted in from her book, Neighbors, Ehear shared stories of the “ordinary magic” of everyday people who unite us through intentional, caring relationships.

Eheart was joined by two national leaders in intentional communities: Dr. Derenda Schubert, Executive Director of Bridge Meadows, and Dylan Tête, Executive Director of Bastion. Together, Eheart, Schubert, and Tête shared their experience on how intentional neighboring in diverse housing communities across age, race, ability and socioeconomic status, can help us reimagine new ways to live together and to solve the social challenges facing our nation.

>>>Watch the video of the event below!