Big Jobs for a Big Planet – The first Climate Careers Summit in Portland

Hosted on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020
by Portland Public Schools
& SAGE Vision 2030 

Keynote by Representative-Elect Khanh Pham at 10 am

Career Track Speakers from 10:30 to 12:00 p.m.

SAGE was proud to partner with Portland Public Schools to co-present Portland’s first Climate Careers Summit. The event attracted over 800 students who learned about our region’s Climate Action Plan and over a dozen career paths that build a brighter climate future.

See the list below to meet our inspirational speakers who shared their climate-related careers in architecture and green building, education and outreach, health policy and climate justice, energy efficiency, sustainable forestry, renewable power, transportation and more. Our speakers also shared information about internships and education opportunities to help students prepare for a job in these growing fields.

We are grateful to Prosper Portland for sponsoring this important event.

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Khanh Pham

Cree Dueker

Chris Crockett

Harmonee Dashiell

Jaime Duyck

Ozzie Gonzalez

Carolina Iraheta Gonzalez

Mary Hansel

Peter Hayes

Dr. Carrie Leonard

Zach Snyder

Rebecca Troutfetter

Khanh Pham

Climate Careers Keynote

Representative Pham is a policymaker for Oregon’s 46th House District. She played a lead role in passing the Portland Clean Energy Fund, the nation’s first successful climate justice initiative that raises $50 million a year to fund energy efficiency, renewable energy and job training programs focused on low-income families and communities of color.

Representative Pham will highlight the importance of equitable and local policies to advance climate solutions.

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Cree Dueker

Climate Careers Closing Speaker

Cree Dueker is an admissions counselor and involved in multicultural recruitment and outreach at Portland State University.

Cree will be the closing speaker for our Summit when she will share climate-related opportunities for students at Portland State University, including: Academic Programs and Classes, Events, Student Clubs and PSU Green Initiatives.

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You can learn more at this website:

Chris Crockett

Energy Engineering Career Track

Chris is an energy engineer with Nexant, a globally recognized consulting, software, and services leader. Chris works with customers on energy efficiency and electric mobility projects in the USA and Canada.

He will speak about two career tracks – energy engineering and consulting – both of which open up a huge range of climate-related jobs.

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Watch Chris’s video to meet him:

Harmonee Dashiell

Education and Outreach Career Track

Harmonee is the Sustainable Communities Program Coordinator with the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. She connects the work the city does with the people in the city.

She will speak about two career tracks – education and outreach – and how city governments play a key role to bring forward climate solutions education.

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Watch Harmonee’s video to meet her: 

Jaime Duyck

Electric Vehicles Career Track

Jaime is the CEO of EV EQUITY, which provides consultation and a wide range of solutions related to charging stations for electric vehicles.

Jaime will speak about the future of electric cars and the wide range of jobs in this rapidly growing field. 

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Watch Jamie’s video to meet her: 

Ozzie Gonzalez

Sustainable Architecture Career Track

Ozzie is the Principal of P3 Consulting where he helps clients bring their sustainability, equity, and prosperity visions to life. He helps small and large businesses grow, while improving their environmental and social impacts.

He will speak about the importance of sustainable architecture and the range of jobs that architects undertake to build the cities and communities of tomorrow.

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Carolina Iraheta Gonzalez

Health Equity Career Track

Carolina is a Policy Analyst with the Environmental Health Section at the Oregon Health Authority where she works to improve policy and programs that relate to Environmental Public Health.

She will speak about the vital role policymakers play to advance both health equity and climate justice and what it is like to work for a state agency.

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Mary Hansel

Sustainable Design Career Track

Mary is the Co-founder of Biomimicry Oregon. She works to educate others about Biomimicry, and also works for the New Buildings Institute, a nonprofit that advances zero-energy buildings.

She will speak about the importance of creativity in sustainable design, and how nature inspires climate solutions. She will also emphasize the range of jobs in the world that use principles of biomimicry to bring sustainable designs to life.

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Peter Hayes

Sustainable Forestry Career Track

Peter is a forester and forest steward with Hyla Woods in the Oregon Coast Range.

Peter will speak about the importance of creative problem-solving to treat the land well for our communities and our future. He will also discuss a range of careers focused on sustainable forestry management.

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Dr. Carrie Leonard

Climate Policy Career Track

Carrie is the Chief of Staff for State Representative, Karin Power. She works on climate policy and equitable child-care policies.

She will speak about the role that elected officials play in cities, counties and states to develop and enact effective climate solutions laws, and what to do with a science degree if you don’t end up as a working scientist.

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Zach Snyder

Solar Power Career Track

Zach is the Program Manager at Solar Oregon, a nonprofit that has educated Oregon communities about solar for the last four decades. He administers all of Solar Oregon’s educational programs, including solar tours!

Zach will speak about the solar energy industry as the fastest growing job sector in America, and the wide range of jobs in this sector.

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Watch Zach’s video to meet him: 

Rebecca Troutfetter

Energy Efficiency Career Track

Rebecca is the Senior Director of Engineering for CLEAResult, an international company that helps people make smart energy decisions. She and her teammates work to help homeowners and numerous commercial facilities understand and improve their energy footprint.

Rebecca will speak about why energy efficiency is a critical piece of our energy resourcing and the wide range of jobs in this growing industry sector.

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Rebecca’s video to meet her: