SAGE Connections:
Meet With Us and Learn About Ways to Engage
Virtual Event | May 4th | 5 – 6pm

Join us on May 4 for our fun and informal online event to learn about SAGE’s work in Central Oregon, and how to get involved.

To register, email [email protected]
or call 971-717-6570.

We’ll send you a Zoom link to join
us for this one-hour event!

SAGE is a nonprofit guided by this Greek Proverb:

“A society grows great when its elders plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

Our mission is to inspire people over 50 to give forward with their time, money, and voice so that younger and future generations can thrive. We work across generations and welcome the opportunity to work with adults of all ages to advance our mission and programs.

At this event, we’ll share an overview of SAGE’s work in Oregon, and spotlight our new program in Central Oregon – Community Resource Connectors.

When you meet with a SAGE Connector, you share your experiences and interests, and we provide personalized advice, resources, and connections to help you find a meaningful volunteer role in our community. We are familiar with many opportunities with nonprofit partners, and we also research and recommend more opportunities depending on your goals.

Join us on May 4 to learn more about SAGE and our work in Central Oregon.

Register by emailing [email protected]
or calling 971-717-6570

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