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SAGE is a nonprofit organization that advances generational equity – the principle that each generation should improve the quality of life for the next. This is a powerful vision that we share with millions of people who want to leave their corner of the world better than they found it.

Our organization manages several programs to inspire older adults to give, serve and advocate for younger and future generations. We also regularly involve younger adults in our programs.

To complement our programs, SAGE supports and celebrates our community of advocates (donors and volunteers). Donors support us financially and volunteers support us with the gift of time. Many of our donors and volunteers partner with local nonprofits to do work that excites them and has a positive impact. SAGE promotes their stories of “giving forward” by sharing them widely and inspiring others to get involved.

Our mission is to inspire people over fifty to give forward with their time, money, and voice so that younger and future generations can thrive. We motivate action and volunteerism through grassroots conversations and leadership development, so that older adults engage in and support causes and nonprofit programs that are vital to the needs of children, youth, and future generations.

We measure success by the people we inspire and support to give forward – to plant a tree of opportunity for the next generation. You can give forward through any cause that helps the future—volunteering time, donations or advocating for policies with long-term benefits.

SAGE raises awareness about long-term challenges that can impact society for decades or generations. Here’s some qualities that underlie these concerns.

  • Tug of wars: where a swifter response to a problem results in near-term costs, but a slower response results in higher long-term costs

  • Course corrections: where a community issue shows early signs of harm, but we continue down the path even though the harm is likely to increase
  • Time bombs: where a practice or policy doesn’t clearly threaten today’s generations, but presents significant risks to the future

SAGE encourages you to give forward through causes you care most about. That way, you’re more likely to follow through. Here’s what we’re concerned about:
  • Education. We need greater investments in public education so that the future inherits a working democracy, equality of opportunity and the power to innovate and solve tough problems.
  • Environment. We need to restore our environment and protect life so that the future inherits healthy, abundant and functioning ecosystems.
  • Economy. We need to help younger generations get work and achieve prosperity so that they can care for their children, break the cycle of poverty and invest in education and our environment.
Collectively, we view the 3 Es of education, the environment, and the economy as foundations or pillars of opportunity for the future.

We partner with older adults because they are our nation’s stewards with comparatively more time, money and expertise to help coming generations. We believe it is our responsibility to create opportunity for the next generation by strengthening education, restoring the environment and providing for a secure economy.

SAGE is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and we have a local chapter in Deschutes County, Central Oregon. 

Most of the people involved in SAGE live in or are associated with Oregon. That said, SAGE's mission is not geographically based and we work with and network with organizations that are more active in other regions of the United States. 

Yes! We ask that you get involved and help us advance intergenerational partnerships. It’s never too early to live a legacy.

Adults of all ages attend our discussions, workshops and participate in our Legacy Fellowship and Young Adult Leadership Advisory Board.

SAGE is funded by individuals, businesses and foundations. We also receive significant in-kind donations for professional services.

Visit our annual reports page to learn more.

We love this question. Contact us to share your interests. Together, we can identify who needs your help, what you can do and where to start.

Of course, we want you to share your successes with us, and support SAGE!

The future needs all the advocates it can get!

We’ve all been stuck. Whether you’re maxed out or think the problems are too great, there are ways to push through. Meet with a SAGE Connector or attend our events where we share inspiration and help you find pathways to get involved.

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