About EVs for All

SAGE’s EVs for All project offers education, outreach, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and electric vehicles to older adults with the goal of increasing awareness and use of electric vehicles in Multnomah and Clackamas counties.

This project is made possible by DEQ’s Oregon Clean Fuels Program via the PGE Drive Change Fund. SAGE manages the project with Prisma Point and Nexant, and is working with many community partners.

PGE’s Drive Change Fund

Transportation is the single biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon. In their pursuit of a clean energy future, PGE is committed to reducing those emissions by accelerating access to — and adoption of — electric vehicles for everyone.

From transit buses and passenger vehicles to electric bikes and community service vehicles, the PGE Drive Change Fund supports projects that help electrify transportation in Oregon.

Project Partners and Activities

The EVs for All project would not be possible without our supported partners including nonprofits, community centers and residences that serve older adults. We would like to thank them for their ongoing backing in helping us educate our community on the features and benefits of EVs.

Partners spread word of our educational events in their communities and two facilities will offer a car-share program for participating members.

Due to the pandemic, the events are offered online and the car-share programs will initially involve small groups of drivers. Our goal is to offer in-person events and to expand the car-shares as health conditions permit.

Educational events. SAGE offers a 60-minute EV 101 webinar on how to operate and charge an EV, pros/cons of EV use and ownership, availability of local car-share programs, and other hot topics. To complement the webinar, SAGE plans to partner with EV associations and dealers to offer participants the opportunity to test-drive EVs after our events. We also encourage all participants to connect with our volunteer EV-Ambassadors who drive EVs and who are happy to field additional questions about their experiences. 

Car-share program. Two facilities (City of Sandy Senior Center and Mirabella) will each receive an EV charger and leased vehicle. These host sites are interested in learning how to operate a car-share program for their communities. We are excited to support them in expanding knowledge and use of electric vehicles in our region.