“If we are not at peace it is because we have forgotten we all belong to each other.”

– Mother Teresa

At this year’s SAGE Awards, honoree Jay Bloom mentioned this quote in his remarks. The interdependence of people is often forgotten, and notably those of different generations. Young people need the support of adults – and adults need the inspiration, the hope and the promise of our youth. We need all of us to create thriving communities. Jay inspires us (as does co-honoree Bridge Meadows) to recognize our connections and to give forward of ourselves.

Bridge Meadow’s Executive Director, Derenda Schubert celebrating during this year’s Awards!

SAGE is a champion for a world in which younger and future generations have everything they need to thrive. And we recognize that it goes two ways – giving forward to future generations gives back a sense of fulfillment and meaning for the adults who do this work. Our lives are enriched beyond measure when we talk to, work with, and build relationships with people of all ages. And when we advocate for one another – the young for older adults, and elders for our youth – our communities are built on trust, and we all feel seen and valued. This year has been a challenging one for so many of us, and it has never been more apparent how we need one another, how we need to look out for one another.

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We invite you to explore the different ways you can give forward of yourself during this holiday season.  You can show your generosity in so many ways – through using your voice in advocacy work, helping a neighbor, volunteering or making a financial contribution, everything counts.

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