Give Forward Challenge

The Give Forward Challenge is an opportunity for you to help younger and future generations. For one month, identify and learn more about a challenge facing coming generations, take personal action to address it, and become an advocate and encourage others to take the challenge.

To take the challenge, you can print and fill out the following form or download the form using Microsoft Word. If you take the challenge, we would love to receive a copy. Please send your challenge to or 1515 SW Fifth Ave. Suite 600, Portland, OR 97201.


Give Forward Challenge

Name: ____________________________  Date: ______________

1. Identify a challenge facing the future and learn more about how you can help.

What challenge will you focus on? _________________________________________________

Name one step you will take in the next two weeks to investigate a specific challenge facing younger or future generations and learn about solutions to that challenge. (Examples: visit SAGE Resource Center, question knowledgeable friends, watch documentaries).

How will you learn more?  ________________________________________________________

2. Take personal action to address that challenge as a volunteer or advocate.

Name one action you will take in the next four weeks to address your chosen challenge. (Examples: volunteer for a specific organization, drive less, spend money on things you support, write a letter to the editor, voice your views and solutions by contacting your elected officials).


3. Encourage others to do the same.

Name one step you will take in the next four weeks to encourage others to take a similar action. (Examples: give a prize to friends that take on a challenge, get a group together to plan a collaborative project, make a Facebook post or send a targeted email about your own challenge encouraging others to participate, too).