Tips for Giving Forward

We each have a gift we can give to help younger and future generations. What is yours? Consider these suggestions to guide you in giving forward with your time and talent.


  1. Identify a challenge facing younger and future generations and learn more about how you can help. Are you concerned about education, the environment, or economic challenges? Study the issue, explore solutions, and discuss your ideas with friends and family. SAGE's Resource Center can help you get started.

  2. Take personal action to address those challenges. Consider these roles:
  • Innovator – Create a project from scratch to solve a problem or meet a need
  • Manager – Lead a project developed by a nonprofit as an unpaid employee or long-term volunteer
  • Advocate – Identify a public policy initiative to advance
  • Advisor – Share your expertise as a mentor, coach, tutor, or member of a board or advisory council
  • Benefactor – Invest in a cause or group you believe in

  1. Give forward. Let your actions demonstrate the change you want to see. Budget time for service and challenge your friends to do the same. Advocate for a cause by voicing your views and solutions. Consider taking our Give Forward Challenge  for one month, you learn more about an issue that motivates you, take personal action to address it, and encourage others to do the same.

More Ways to Give Forward

We encourage you to give forward through causes that are important to you. To get started, learn about volunteer opportunities with SAGE or another charitable organization.