Resource Center

SAGE’s resource center includes information and ideas to support your efforts to give forward for the benefit of younger and future generations.

Visit our StoryTree for examples from our Sages – volunteer leaders who are investing their time and energy for the benefit of younger and future generations. Our Sages are also available to field questions from others undertaking similar efforts.
View our Tips for Giving Forward with general suggestions to identify your role or opportunity to give forward. If you like a challenge, take our Give Forward Challenge - for one month lead a personal effort to help younger and future generations.
View our SAGE Research Library for reports and articles on topics that help illustrate several social, economic and environmental changes and challenges, both nationally and abroad. (Click here to view our 2012 research report, "SAGE in Context: A Snapshot of Challenges to Generational Equity in the U.S.")
Generational Jeopardy
Play our Generational Jeopardy game with a series of thought-provoking questions and answers to highlight many social, environmental, and economic challenges facing younger and future generations, and how older adults can help. If you are playing with a group, you can keep score, and share your prize with others while talking about SAGE.

Contact us if you are interested in our interactive Traveling SAGE presentation, which includes Generational Jeopardy and a discussion on solutions.

"Thank you for the stimulating and thoughtful class on SAGE, its mission and its work. The Jeopardy Game was a creative way to capture our interest while passing along important information on our generation’s advantages, the challenges facing our descendants, and how we might help to mitigate them. In general, our members are socially conscious and committed. Many pay forward in their own ways. Your message will help us to do it more effectively and efficiently." 

William Hohenboken, Corvallis Academy for Lifelong Learning