Stewardship Conversations


SAGE Stewardship Conversations (also known as Socials and Brown Bags) are informal get-togethers to spark a meaningful discussion about our community's future, while sharing drinks, a meal, or dessert. 

These conversations are facilitated by trained volunteers and can be hosted by anyone and almost anywhere, such as your living room, community center, or business. Each event has its own energy and pace, and the format can be adapted to your group’s interests. Our only expectation is that your guests feel comfortable sharing their personal stories and views in a cordial and supportive atmosphere.

To learn more, please review the following questions and answers, or view our Socials Q & A (pdf file) and our Socials Toolkit for Hosts (pdf file).

To receive more information or to schedule your Social or Brown Bag, please contact Steve Higgs at or call (971) 717-6570.  

What happens at these events?

During the discussion, SAGE's fascilitator will ask guests to share a little background about their own lives, the opportunities they had when they were younger, and any concerns they have about the challenges facing younger and future generations. The group then explores solutions, including causes and initiatives that align with each guest’s interests and concerns. At the close of the conversation, SAGE highlights specific and meaningful causes and volunteer opportunities with local nonprofits that work on issues of importance to future generations. When learning about one another’s interests and concerns, guests may forge a deeper connection with friends or collegues with whom to share ideas about giving forward.

What are the hosts responsibilities?

As our host, you’ll have three responsibilities: 

  • Get 8-15 people to your home, community center, or business setting
  • Arrange for coffee, dessert, snacks, or whatever suits your style
  • Introduce the facilitator, relax and have fun
How do you set up an event? How long does it take?

Call or e-mail us to find out when we are free to facilitate your Social or Brown Bag. Once we’ve agreed on a date, you can invite guests (we suggest at least 3 weeks lead time). To make this easy for you, we will also send you a small toolkit that includes a sample invitation that you can adapt and send by email or phone to your invitees. 
We recommend scheduling your Social on weeknights (Monday through Thursday) from 7:00 to 8:30pm. The Social usually lasts 1.5 hours. Brown Bags can be scheduled on weekdays for a one-hour lunch. We can facilitate Socials and Brown Bags at other times and places, as needed.
On to hosting!

To get started, please contact Steve Higgs at (971) 717-6570 or