Meet with SAGE Ambassador

Looking for personalized advice to find meaningful service and advocacy roles for you?

Meet with one of our SAGE Ambassadors!


Ambassadors are available to meet with you, one-to-one, to learn more about your experiences and the causes you care about, and to help you connect to a meaningful service or advocacy role. These informal conversations last an hour, and can take place at a coffee shop or other location near you, or on the phone.

What's covered? You share what you would like to learn and experience through a community service or advocacy role, and we provide personalized advice and encouragement to help you find a role that meets your goals. We are familiar with a wide range of opportunities (e.g., those offered by our nonprofit partners) and we research additional opportunities tailored to your goals.

What's the cost? There is no cost to meet with an Ambassador, and no pressure to volunteer or advocate for any cause. Our goal is to meet you where you are, and to help you find a meaningful service and advocacy role. 

What else is discussed? Ambassadors will also share the rewards of joining SAGE's community of advocates who believe that each generation should improve the quality of life for the next. Together, we share our experiences, celebrate one another's successes, and encourage more "over 50s" to get involved.

To learn more or to meet with a SAGE Ambassador, contact Steve Higgs at (971) 717-6570 or email Steve works with all of our Ambassadors and he will help set up your meeting.

Special thanks to SAGE's Ambassadors 

  • Deb Child
  • David Michael Smith
  • Lori Davidson
  • Lori Pesavento
  • Steve Higgs
  • Ward Greene
  • Wendy Doerner