Fellowship Example Roles & Project Ideas

Our retreat and nine workshops break down the process of launching your community benefit project into small steps. This allows you to design a worthwhile project that is doable in nine months, and that will benefit younger and future generations in a meaningful way. For longer-term initiatives, you can phase your project to achieve a milestone during the Fellowship.

Our goal is to help you develop a project that leverages your time, talent, and passion. Here are four project roles and related ideas (but don’t let these ideas limit you):

Entrepreneur – Innovate and execute a project to solve a problem or meet a need

  • Create new job training opportunities by developing  a program for low-income high school graduates to serve as interns in your company
  • Tackle student loan debt by developing a new revenue stream for a local community college 
  • Connect children with nature by developing an outdoor club led by volunteers at a local elementary school, and expand the model to other schools

Organizer – Organize neighbors, friends, or colleagues for a project of lasting impact

  • Reduce the environmental footprint of your community by motivating neighbors to receive energy audits and undertake new conservation measures
  • Promote sharing of community resources by organizing a local library for toys, tools, sporting goods, gardening supplies, or something else
  • Help people grow their own food by working with your local school or park to set up a community learning garden

Manager – Manage a significant volunteer project for an existing organization

  • Employ leadership skills by organizing intergenerational forums to discuss community concerns and solutions
  • Leverage marketing skills by strengthening a nonprofit’s core outreach materials
  • Apply technical skills by designing and implementing a nonprofit’s computing systems

Policy advocate – Identify a public policy initiative to advance

Feasible and short-term projects may involve local matters that concern new or expanded educational services for children and youth, or efforts to restore degraded natural areas.

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