Fellowship Curriculum & Meeting Dates

Your Legacy Fellowship includes a one-day retreat, nine evening workshops, and a closing dinner. You will prepare an action plan in the first three workshops, and share ideas and progress in the remaining six. At each workshop, you will learn from your coach and guest speakers and work in small groups to complete short exercises and help others overcome obstacles. Below is a summary of the curriculum. The retreat is all day and the Wednesday workshops are from 6:30 to 9:00 pm.

Fellowship launch (Oct. 21) – What is your gift? View yourself as a transformative problem-solver guided by strategy and inspired by heart. Begin to identify a project that inspires you, builds on your strengths, and reflects your highest goal and priorities.

Workshop 1 (Nov. 1) – Charting your path. Frame the need you want to address, determine the scope and scale of your project, assess strategies, and learn traits of effective project management. View your work as connected to a larger, more dynamic system.

Workshop 2 (Nov. 29) – Vetting your project and frame of view. Present your project idea to advisors and peer fellows. Gain feedback on your need statement, strategies, and success measures.

Workshop 3 (Dec. 20) – Building your capacity. Identify sources of energy, leverage peer and community support, and focus on skills like concentrating energy and motivating volunteers.

Workshop 4 (Jan. 17) – Holding your vision. Turn breakdowns into breakthroughs. Map out solutions to keep to your core mission.

Workshop 5 (Feb. 7) – Redesigning your personal paradigm when leading. Gain feedback on project implementation. Affirm the leadership qualities that will make you successful.

Workshop 6 (Mar. 7) – Taking the initiative. Share experiences from trial and error, learn from obstacles, and push through barriers.

Workshop 7 (Apr. 11) – Clarifying and affirming your implementing priorities. Reaffirm highest goal, declare core values, guiding principles, and leadership priorities.

Workshop 8 (May 9) – Moving others to action. Clarify your near term steps to achieve project goals or milestones. Forge linkages to long-term community programs or causes.

Workshop 9 (Jun. 6) – Leadership and influencing others. Share your successes and lessons learned. Carry lessons forward to support new leaders. Remain involved in Fellowship network.

Closing ceremony and dinner (Jun. 21). Celebrate your accomplishments with peers, business partners, friends, family, and other volunteers. Deliver short presentations on project impacts.

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