Fellowship Coach and Lead Trainer


Dan Duggan is an exceptional coach, inspirational speaker, and teacher with over a decade of experience facilitating yearlong leadership development programs and 20-years of experience as a successful business executive. Dan possesses the invaluable ability to inspire leaders to define a compelling project and help them discover they already possess all they need to move through obstacles and reach their goal. Through deep caring, humor, and strong coaching, he helps people reach their potential and accomplish what they never thought possible.

As principal at LionHeart Consulting, Dan has facilitated over 25 yearlong leadership development programs with groups of 8-18 leaders working in for-profit and nonprofit enterprises. Over 90% of participants have rated his program either in the top 5% or “best ever” professional and personal development programs. As a group leader for Excell, Dan also provides executive coaching, strategic planning assistance, and management advice to many business owners, CEO’s and senior leader teams. Dan is also well-recognized as a motivational keynote speaker on leading projects and causes with courage and from the heart.

You can read testimonials about Dan’s leadership development expertise and learn more about his project management background online at LionHeart

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