Staff, Board, LAB, and Advisory Council

SAGE is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. We are governed by a Board of Directors and managed by staff. We also receive guidance and support from our young adult Leadership Advisory Board and our Advisory Council. 


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Steve Higgs

Steve Higgs

Executive Director

Steve Higgs leads SAGE’s efforts to inspire older adults to give forward for younger and future generations. He is responsible for implementing SAGE’s programs, and managing its communications and operations. He lives in Portland with his wife and two young children, who remind him that the well-being of future generations depends on the choices we make today.


(971) 717-6570


Special thanks to our all-volunteer Board of Directors!

  • John Daggett, Executive Committee
  • Kristen Grauer, Executive Committee
  • Ward Greene, President and Executive Committee
  • Leslie Johnson
  • Danielle Lessler
  • Mary Markley
  • Rick Nitti
  • Diane Ponti
  • Jeanne Roy
  • Elizabeth Schellberg, Secretary
  • Randy Sell, Treasurer

Download our Board Director Biographies to learn more about our Board.


SAGE’s LAB is a program for young adults who serve as an intergenerational bridge to advance solutions to challenges facing younger and future generations. We are fortunate to work closely with our LAB Leaders.

  • Cayla Bleoaja
  • Alli Davis
  • Kristen Grauer, also serves on SAGE Board
  • Mike Kimble
  • Megan McGinnis, LAB Co-Chair
  • Phoebe Petersen
  • Andrew Weiss, LAB Co-Chair

Download our LAB Biographies to learn more about our LAB Leaders.

Advisory Council

Advisory Council members provide expertise in areas of critical need, diverse knowledge of community perspectives, connections to resources, colleagues and peers, and assistance in efforts to increase philanthropic support. 

  • Marc Freedman
  • Karen Hinsdale
  • William Howe
  • Susan Hammer
  • Marvin Kaiser
  • Greg Macpherson

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