What We Do


SAGE inspires people over fifty to give forward with their time, talent, and passion to enable younger and future generations to thrive. We motivate action and volunteerism through grassroots conversations and leadership development, so that older adults engage in and support causes and nonprofit programs that are vital to the needs of children, youth, and future generations. Our supporters are guided by the principle of generational equity – that each generation should sustain or improve the quality of life for the next.

Goals and associated programs

SAGE has three goals and associated programs to achieve its mission.

1.     Raise awareness about challenges facing younger and future generations and solutions

SAGE Socials and Brown Bags – small group conversations in living rooms and other locales to discuss challenges facing younger and future generations, and how older adults can help.

Visiting SAGE – Outstanding speakers to inspire people to find new pathways to civic leadership and service.

Traveling SAGE – A highly interactive and educational presentation covering several socio-economic and environmental challenges facing the future, followed by a fascilitated discussion on solutions.

2.      Inspire leadership and innovation to address those challenges

Legacy Fellowship – Nine-month program to train leaders to launch innovative local benefit projects of their own design.

SAGE Awards – Honoring leaders for extraordinary service to younger and future generations.

3.      Connect people with resources to give forward in their communities

StoryTree – Website features exemplary individuals known as “Sages” who champion local causes and mentor peers interested in giving forward in their community.

E-Newsletter – Features special events, advocacy tips and exciting opportunities to volunteer with nonprofits.

Online Resarch Library – Articles and reports underscore the importance of civic leadership and service in an era of unprecedented need.

Learn more about ways to get involved with SAGE here.